The Mymind token is a token that gives opportunity and helps users to get a good education. It is a token created for honest, responsible, sustainable, practical, moral, and universal education. Mymind Token is a cryptocurrency of those who are born to add value to humanity by adding value first to themselves.

This is a token of those who are committed to a continuous learning process. It is the cryptocurrency of motivated teachers from over the world. It is a sign of personal development, leadership, management, metaphysics, wisdom, philosophy, psychology, financial freedom; In short, it is a symbol of a new way of teaching people, sharing values, and empowering people. BUY AND SELL CRYPTO E Focus


Our Solution

Innovation and efficiency is our watchword as it involves the use of blockchain technology. This has allowed us to see, analyze, plan and execute our purpose from a unique point of view. With a team of professional developers and blockchain technology enthusiasts, we have been able to create winning plans in connecting cryptography to the educational sector by the utilization of the Ethereum Decentralized Blockchain System (Defi).

The benefits of Mymind project covers but not limited to:
Benefits 1

Fast and swift payment system, void of poor network and server downtime.

Benefits 2

No unnecessary deductions or taxing aside the ethereum gas fee.

Benefits 3

Breaks any third party barrier, processes, manual verification, and clearances.

Benefits 4

Total privacy and transactional security network. Protecting you against data theft or transaction tracking by third party.

Benefits 5

Quick and easy transaction management, this includes fetching transaction histories and mutual verification of proof of payment by both sender and receiver.



With Mymind Token in your wallet, you can choose the subject you want to study and be in touch with a great teacher of to our chosen subjects that accept The token.

With Mymind Token in your wallet, you can attend to any conférences, seminars, master mind meeting of your choice organized by the leaders of the token or by any Leader that has the token. If education is the key, let me tell you that mind token is the raw material of that key.

Price Projections

Mymind falls under the class of stable tokens and it is pegged with the USD, this allows it to be valued at the same price with the USD fiat. Based on the potentials Mymind token, there is set to be a steady increase in the value of the project doubling in the price every year.

Below is a tabular representation of the projected price:

1 MYMIND = 0.80 USDT
1 MYMIND = 1.60 USDT
1 MYMIND = 3.20 USDT
1 MYMIND = 6.40 USDT



Mymind token




484.000.000 Mymind


1 MYMIND = 0.80 USDT


Marketing - 10%

Team - 20%

Token Sale - 70%


Coach Simon OUEDRAOGO known as the number one greatest Coach. He is aalso a trainer, entrepreneur, psychologist, polyglot, frequent traveler, metaphysician, author and international speaker. He is one of the rare and most famous and influential personal development coaches of his generation in Africa. His videos totalize millions of views on YouTube and Facebook. He is the designer of an educational system called the International Wisdom and Richness System IMRIS. Founder of more than 5 companies, he has his own web radio called Richess FM on

His interest and commitment to Cryptocurencies and blockchain technology has enabled him to train and guide several thousands of young people towards this technology. Today he is the CEO and co-founder of the most cognitive and revolutionary Token of all time called MyMind. A token that allows its holders to train, transform and educate themselves in sustainable and responsible ways.

Zafir Sawadogo
Zafir Sawadogo

Founder of CryptoBillions and Co-founder of Financial Market Sharks. Has been in the cryptocurrency field since 2018.

He is certified Blockchain by BINANCE, CryptoTrader, Commodity Trader and Networker.

Alabibou Issaka Hamidou
Alabibou Issaka Hamidou

Jurist by training (he has a Masters in International Law); Entrepreneur, he has a Start-Up called Prestigious Students; Brand Writer & International Class Author, he has published over 10 books and is known to be the writer of the book titled "CEOs and great personalities".

As a Crypto-investor, he collaborates with several leaders of companies in the field of digital economy and decentralized finance focused on the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin as well as altcoins with high growth potentials

Timbnoma Bernard OUEDRAOGO
Timbnoma Bernard OUEDRAOGO

Timbnoma Bernard OUEDRAOGO is the founder of the company TIMM which operates in the digital field. He is the CEO and co-founder of the remunerative e-commerce platform Being an English teacher, formerly 2012-2019. As a Web entrepreneur, he has promoted tens of cryptocurrency since 2017 with veritable skills in Crypto-trainer, crypto trader and speaker


Marina is a lady with impactful leadership skill. She is a self-made woman. Today she is the head of three companies. She puts her energies into the mental and psychological education of children through her company ONE LOVE CHILDREN. Also she helps many women to be entrepreneurs through her business WOMAN MAGIC POWER WMP. She is a forex and crypto traders in Burkina Faso.


Self-made-man in networking, crypto investor and trader, Adama is a trainer on the blockchain wallet, digital marketing (drop-shipping, E-commerce, website design), and Youtuber

Dr.Charly Lemassi
Dr.Charly Lemassi

Is an Entrepreneur, a trail-blazer, a go-getter, business coach and mentor. With a double competency in Financial markets Business management and strategy, Dr. Charly has served in many top international corporation in Europe and North- America Founder of Curlflippers Toronto, co-founder and Managing Director of Mooka consulting and Strategy, she is a Mastermind behind many successful entrepreneurs and corporations.

Abdoul Rahim COMPAORÉ
Abdoul Rahim COMPAORÉ

With a financial background, Abdoul is an Entrepreneur in e-commerce and communication strategy on social networks since 2019. Passionate about new technologies, he is a decision-making member of crypto educ, a Chanel for crypto education in Africa French-speaking. He advertises Lunes and Lunespay in the United States.